Workshops and Masterclasses

To help you broaden your musical knowledge, we regularly include workshops and masterclasses in our teaching program. Workshops and Masterclasses are excellent platforms for perfecting work and exchanging of ideas. We strive to have those as often as possible, to support our students’ evolving interest in the music they play.
Upcoming workshops and masterclasses:


  • Student Workshop: TBA
  • Masterclass with the distinguished professor Dr. Martha Baker Jordan. Date and time: TBA

Performances and Recitals

Meet your musical future! It’s here to change the way you set your goals and work them through. Is it your ambition to perform in various events, or do you aspire to prepare your own recital? Define your music goals first, then chose the music that truly moves you. This is how you attain musical goals and enjoy all the rewards that come with it.

Music Exams and Assessments

Define your music achievements by taking music tests and annual exams. These exams will provide you with goals and acknowledgement, support your study progression and help you pave a solid music foundation. Let these exams be the crowning achievement of your music study!

Festivals and Competitions

We give you all the preparation and enthusiasm you need to help you compete beautifully. Our music program includes practice training for local and national festivals and competitions. Enhance your music education with the most popular music competitions available today. With our teaching guidance, nothing should stand between you and your music success!